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Hervé Corvellec


I was born in France in 1961, but I have been living in Sweden since 1985. I am professor of business administration at the Department of Service Management, Campus Helsingborg, Lund University. I am also a visitg profesor at the GRI (Gothenburg Research Institute) at the university of Gothenburg. I have also been visiting professor at the department of Urban studies, Malmö University, and I have been working for the Lund University School of Economics and Management (where I obtained my PhD), and the department of economy at Kristianstad University College.

My fields of research and teaching are business & public administration. I am specialised in organization theory, risk and business ethics (most often inspired by Emmanuel Lévinas). I have also been working for a long time with infrastructure issues (railroad, wind power, public transportation). I have been / am heading a couple research projects on Waste Management.

I proceed most often, but not exclusively, through the analysis of texts and discourses, with special preference for narrative and argumentation analysis.

Complete Curriculum Vitae

Current research projects:

From waste management to waste prevention - Closing implementation gaps through sustainable action nets [Head of project] -

Decoupling services: New management practices for a new understanding of waste (Frikopplingstjänster: Nya managementpraktiker för en ny syn på avfall). Project financed by Plattformen, Helsingborg Stad; 2013-2015. [Head of project]

The territorial dimension of waste policies: constructing a regime of proximity (Dimensions territoriales des politiques de gestion des dechets : la construction d’un regime de proximite PROXITER). Project financed by the French national agency for innovation (ADEME). 2013-2016. [Project member]

Past research projects (a selection):

Organizing critical infrastructure services - A case study of waste management (2009-2013): Project financed by Vinnova. [Head of project] -

• Governing in Action Nets. Swedish Municipalities and their Waste Responsibility: Project financed av CEFOS [Project member].

Risk decisions in transportation (2006-2010): Project coordinated by the Swedish Rescue Services Agency (Räddningsverket). [Head of project: Åsa Boholm, CEFOS]. 7,8 Msek/835 000 Euros

Small-Scale Renewable Energy Production (2002-2006): project financed by The Swedish Emergency Management Agency (KBM). Co-directed with Åsa Boholm (CEFOS): 5,1 Msek/560 000 Euros

• Affiliated between 1997 and 2000 to Managing Big City research program [scientific leadership by Professor Barbara Czarniawska], Gothenburg Research Institute (GRI), Göteborg school of Economics and Commercial Law.

Publications (a selection):


Corvellec Hervé (Ed) (2013) What is Theory? Answers from the Social and Cultural sciences. Stockholm and Copenhagen: Liber and CBS Press

Corvellec Hervé & Holmberg L. (2010) Organisationers vardag – underifrån sett. Andra upplagan. Malmö: Liber. (Book of the year 2004 – Academic prize, Centrum för personal och utveckling together with Personal och ledarskap)

Corvellec Hervé & Lindquist Hans (Eds) (2005) Servicemötet – Multidisciplinära öppningar. Malmö: Liber.

Corvellec Hervé (2002) På tal om Tredje spåret vid Riddarholmen. Göteborg: BAS

Corvellec Hervé (1997) Stories of Achievements - Narrative Features of Organizational Performance. New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Publishers.

Recent articles (since 2007)

Corvellec, Hervé & Hultman, Johan (Forthcoming) Managing the politics of value propositions. Marketing Theory

Boholm, Max, Arvidsson, Rickard, Boholm, Åsa, Corvellec, Hervé & Molander, Sverker (In press) Dis-Ag-reement: The construction and negotiation of risk in the Swedish controversy over antibacterial silver. Journal of Risk Research.

Corvellec, Hervé, Zapata Campos, María José, & Zapata, Patrik (In press). Infrastructures, lock-in, and sustainable urban development: The case of waste incineration in a Swedish metropolitan area. Journal of Cleaner Production, 50(1):32-39.

Hultman Johan and Corvellec Hervé (2012) The European Waste Hierarchy: from the sociomateriality of waste to a politics of consumption. Environment & Planning A, Vol. 44, Nr. 10, pp. 2413 – 2427.

Corvellec, H., Bramryd, T. (2012) The multiple market-exposure of waste management companies: A case study of two Swedish municipally owned companies. Waste Management. vol.32, nr 9, pp. 1722-1727.

Corvellec, Hervé, Bramryd, Torleif and Hultman, Johan (In press), The business model of solid waste management in Sweden – A case study of two municipally-owned companies, Waste Management & Research, vol. 30, nr.5, pp. 512-518.

Corvellec Hervé & Odell Tom (2012) Demanding Hosts and Ungrateful Guests – The Everyday Drama of Public Transportation in Three Acts and Academic Prose, Culture and Organizations, vol. 18, nr.3, pp. 231-249.

Corvellec, Hervé, and Hultman, Johan (2012), From ‘Less Landfilling’ to ‘Wasting Less’: Societal narratives, socio-materiality, and organizations. Journal of Organizational Change Management, Volume 25, Issue 2, pages 297-314.

Boholm, Åsa, Corvellec, Hervé & Karlsson Marianne (2012) The Practice of Risk Governance: Lessons from the Field Journal of Risk Research. Vol 15, Nr. 1, 1-20

Corvellec Hervé (2011) The narrative structure of risk accounts. Risk Management – An International Journal, Volume 13, Issue 3, pages 101-121.

Corvellec Hervé (2011) Even Beyond Humanity - A comment on “Change and Commitment: Beyond Risk and Responsibility” by Silvio Funtowicz and Roger Strand. Journal of Risk Research, Vol 14, nr 8, pp 1005-100.

Boholm, Åsa & Corvellec Hervé (2011) A relational theory of risk. Journal of Risk Research, Volume 14, Issue 2, pages 175 – 190.

Corvellec Hervé (2010) Organizational risk as it derives from what managers value: A practice-based approach to risk assessment. Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management, Vol. 18, Nr. 3 pp. 145-154

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Corvellec Herve (2009) The practice of risk management: silence is not absence, Risk Management – An International Journal. Vol. 11, Nr. 3-4, pp. 285-304.

Corvellec Hervé & Åsa Boholm (2008) The risk/no-risk rhetoric of environmental impact assessments (EIA): The case of off-shore wind farms in Sweden, Local Environment, Vol. 13, nr 7, pp. 627 – 640

Corvellec Hervé & Risberg Annette (2007) Sensegiving as mise-en-sens - The case of wind power development. ndinavian Journal of Management , Vol. 23, No.3, pp. 306-326.

Corvellec Hervé (2007) Arguing for a License to Operate: The Case of the Swedish Wind Power Industry, Corporate Communications – An International Journal, Vol. 12, No.2, pp. 129-144

Bevan David and Corvellec Hervé (2007) The Impossibility of Corporate Ethics – For a Lévinasian Approach to Managerial Ethics, Business Ethics - A European Journal, vol. 16, nr. 3, pp. 208 - 219.

Book chapters (since 2007)

Boholm Åsa & Corvellec Hervé (2014) A relational theory of risk: lessons for risk communication. In Effective Risk Communication, Joe Arvai and Louie Rivers III (eds). London: Earthscan.

Corvellec Hervé (2014) Recycling food waste into biogas, or how management transforms overflows into flows. In and Barbara Czarniawska and Orvar Löfgren (eds), Coping with excess: How organizations, communities and individuals manage overflows. Cheltenham (UK): Edgar Elgar.

Corvellec, Hervé (2013) Why ask what theory is?. In, Corvellec, Hervé (ed.) What is theory? Answers from the social and cultural sciences. Stockholm (Sweden) and Copenhagen (Denmark): Liber and Copenhagen Business School Press.

Corvellec Hervé & Johan Hultman (2013) Waste management companies: Critical urban infrastructural services that design the socio-materiality of waste. In Zapata Campos, María José and Hall, C. Michael (eds) Organising waste in the city: international perspectives on narratives and practices, Cha. 8, 139-155. Bristol: The Policy Press

Bevan David and Corvellec Hervé (2012) The Impossibility of Corporate Ethics – For a Lévinasian Approach to Managerial Ethics, Crane David, & Matten, Dirk (Eds) Sage Library in Business and Management: New Directions in Business Ethics, Volume 2. Sage: London. A reprint of: Bevan David and Corvellec Hervé (2007) The Impossibility of Corporate Ethics – For a Lévinasian Approach to Managerial Ethics, Business Ethics - A European Journal, vol. 16, nr. 3, pp. 208 - 219.

Corvellec Hervé (2011) Perelman and Olbrechts-Tyteca: Arguing and Organizing. In Jenssen, Tommy and Wilson, Tim (Eds) On the Shoulder of Giants. Cha 15, 233-250. Lund: Studentlitteratur

Corvellec Hervé (2011) New Rhetoric and Organization Studies. In Eduard Bonnet, Barbara Czarniawska, Deirdre McCloskey, and Hans Siggaard Jensen (Eds) 2nd RNMR Conference – Management and Persuasion. Barcelona: ESADE

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Corvellec Hervé (2007) Företagsetikens Janusansikte: Teknik och kritik. In Dan Kärreman och Alf Rehn (Eds) Organisation – Teorier om ordning och oordning. Malmö: Liber, pp. 287-305

Recent other publications

Corvellec Hervé (2012) Arbetsliv utan maktperspektiv (Book review): Arbets- och organisationspsykologi: Individ och organisation i samspel by Gunnar Aronsson, Johnny Hellgren, Kerstin Isaksson, Gunn Johansson, Magnus Sverke, Ingemar Torbiörn, Stockholm: Natur och Kultur, 2012 . Respons, Vol.1, nr. 5, 73-74.

Corvellec Hervé (2012) The Worth of Goods: Valuation and Pricing in the Economy edited by J. Beckert, & P. Aspers (Eds.), Oxford: Oxford University Press. (Book review) Scandinavian Journal of Management, vol 28, nr 2, pp198-199

Bevan David, Corvellec Hervé & Faÿ Eric (Eds) (2011) Special issue of the Journal of Business Ethics on “Responsible Management”, volume 101, Supplement 1.

Bevan David, Corvellec Hervé, & Faÿ Eric (2011) Responsibility beyond CSR. Journal of Business Ethics, 101 (Supplement 1):1-4. (Introduction to a special issue on “Responsible Management”)

Corvellec Hervé (2011) Even Beyond Humanity - A comment on “Change and Commitment: Beyond Risk and Responsibility” by Silvio Funtowicz and Roger Strand. Journal of Risk Research, Vol 14, nr 8, pp 1005-1006.

Hervé Corvellec (2010) The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work by de Botton, Alain (with pictures by Richard Baker, London: Hamish Hamilton, Penguin Group, 2009). (Book review) Organization Studies, Vol.31, Nr 1, pp. 118-122

Corvellec, Hervé, Bramryd, Torleif and Hultman, Johan (2011) Konkurrenslagstiftningen hotar utvecklingen (Legislation on competition threatens development), Avfall och Miljö, Vol. 25, Nr. 3, p. 25

Corvellec Hervé (2009) Risk. MiHngel, nr 3, 24-25

Teaching experience (a selection, all levels):

• Business Ethics: Values, Risks and Responsibilities
• Organization theory
• Competence Management
• Management
• Management accounting
• Semiotic for marketing
• Methodology Reading / Writing (PHD course)
• Narrative Research för the Social Sciences (PHD course)


• Vice President of the board that appoint scientific and teaching staff at the facultyof social sciences, Lund University


• Living in Malmö
• Family: A. & three children
• Sports: Jogging, windsurfing, skiing and gardening
• Culture: Bach and Chansons, Ingres and Banksy, Simenon and Mallet, Ionesco and Pinter
• Favourite dish: Sardines de la Méditeranée au gros sel [Fried Mediteranean pilchards on salt]
• Most important book: Primo Lévi Se questo è un uomo [F: Si c'est un homme; S: Är detta en människa: USA: Survival in Auschwitz]

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