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Devrim Umut Aslan "nailed" his dissertation

Devrim Umut Aslan

Today you could hear hammer blows at the third floor of Campus Helsingborg. It was our PhD student Devrim Umut Aslan who, according to the university tradition, nailed or "spikade" as it is called in Swedish, his dissertation. This tradition of nailing the thesis is ancient and the procedure is done three weeks before the official defence.
Now Devrim Umut Aslan is awaiting the dissertation defence which will take place on June 24 juni.

The dissertation’s title is Praxitopia – How shopping makes a street vibrant. The aim of the dissertation is to examine different modes of shopping which are enacted on a local shopping street, and to illustrate how these modes of shopping co-constitutes a vibrant street. The theoretical standpoint is borrowed from “practice theory”, and the empirical data is collected through a video-ethnographic study on Södergatan in Helsingborg.
The dissertation provides an understanding on why there are shoppers frequenting a superdiverse shopping street such as Söderagtan, and how the street’s dynamism and milieu enable these modes of shopping. Such knowledge is significant for both academics and professionals who are interested in convivial shopping geographies as a well as vibrant town centres.

Devrim Umut Aslan
Professor Cecilia Fredriksson has been the head-supervisor and gave a speech about Devrim's journey until today.
Devrim Umut Aslan
Christian Fuentes has, together with Ola Thufvesson, been assistant supervisors and took the opportunity to say a few well-chosen words to Devrim.
Devrim Umut Aslan
Mattias Wengelin, Head of department, congratulated Devrim, as well as Johan Alvehus, who is Director of doctoral studies.

The dissertation defence will take place digitally via Zoom, on 24th June between 10:00 – 12:00 am.

The opponent will be Professor Sarah Pink from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

More about the dissertation can be found here.