Bachelor's programmes

at the department of service management and service studies

Students at the Department of Service Management and Service Studies will receve a modern education closely connected to both current research and the industry. Our programmes cover subjects that are in demand by both the private and the public sector, which will help you when looking for a good job after graduation.

The Bachelor’s programmes at the Department of Service Management and Service Studies are interdisciplinary programmes of 180 credits leading to a Bachelor’s degree. Much of the required reading is in English, but almost all lectures are held in Swedish.

Some courses are held in English and available for exchange students. Learn more about courses for exchange students here


Students service management

Service Management

Service Management is about managing and organising businesses in which customers and services are the main focus.

Logistics Service Management

You will find logistics everywhere – in the food you eat, the clothes you wear, the trips you make. If you are interested in logistics, efficient solutions and product innovation, have a look at this Bachelor’s programme at Campus Helsingborg, offered in collaboration with The Faculty of Engineering at Lund University (LTH).