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Entry requirements and exemptions

Entry requirements

During the study programme, entry requirements apply to certain courses. This means that you must meet certain requirements for prior knowledge in order to gain access to a course and progress through the study programme. The aim of these entry requirements is to ensure that everyone has sufficient knowledge from previous courses on the programme to be able to benefit from the content of the subsequent courses. It is also difficult to progress in one’s studies when lagging behind in some courses and components, as this requires the student to read up on the missing knowledge while keeping up with the current course.

The programme director is responsible for its entry requirements. The master coordinator is responsible for study follow-up and entry requirement verification. You are welcome to book an appointment for a study follow-up appraisal with the Master Coordinator.



If it has been difficult to complete your studies because of medical or social reasons, and you are missing minor components of your entry requirements, you can apply for an exemption. There is a special form for this where you can state the reason why you were unable to complete your courses according to the programme schedule. The Master Coordinator processes your request and the programme director takes the final decision. Apply in good time before the start of the course: approximately 1 month ahead. You can find the exemption form here (pdf).



Decisions on entry requirements can be appealed to the Higher Education Appeals Board. Your appeal is to be sent to Lund University, Box 117, 221 00 Lund. In it, you must state the decision against which you are appealing and the change you are requesting, along with a justification for the change. The appeal is to be signed and must contain your address (preferably also your telephone number and email address). The appeal is to be placed within three weeks of the day the appellant was notified of the decision. Read more on the website of the appeals board.


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