Bachelor level courses

for incoming exchange students

Service Management is about managing and organising businesses in which customers and services are the main focus. Every year, we offer a range of free-standing courses within service management.

During the first half of the autumn semester we offer the course Digitalization and Services (15 credits). This is a course where you learn more about digital services and e-commerce.

During the second half of the autumn semester we are offering the course Leadership in Service Organisations (15 credits). This course helps you develop the critical skills required by today’s managers in service organisations.

These two courses can be combined to one bachelor semester of full-time studies at Lund University, Campus Helsingborg.


Courses in Special Area Studies (SAS-courses) are available to all exchange students regardless of their field of study. Although the SAS courses are offered at different departments of Lund University, you are to apply to the courses through the international coordinator at the Department of Service Management and Service Studies. All SAS-courses are given in Lund.



International Coordinator

Annika Permevik

Annika Permevik
International Coordinator for exchange studies

Email: annika [dot] permevik [at] ism [dot] lu [dot] se
Phone: +46 42-35 65 77