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What students say

about the master programme
Every year about 40 students starts our master programme. Here you can find out what a few of them think about their studies at the Department of Service Management and Service Studies.

My Lindersson - The Specialisation Retail Management

"In many of the courses of the programme we are supposed to gather material and dig deeper into different aspects of Service Management, and that gives us the opportunity to learn more about those aspects that we are particularly interested in."

Read more about My.

Petru Bogdan Duman - The Specialisation Retail Management

"What I also liked, is that the program is innovative, and combines the academia with insights from the industry."

Read more about Petru.

Kasi Khan - The Specialisation Supply Chain Management (former Logistics)

"Studying in Sweden is an amazing experience, Lund University is prestigious and very much culturally diverse, the social environment is very open and at the same time very professional."

Read more about Kasi.

Viktor Åkesson - The Specialisation Supply Chain Management (former Logistics)

"The reputation from Lund University and the fact that I was born and raised in the lovely city of Helsingborg brought my attention to the master's program Service Management - Logistics."

Read more about Viktor.

Anna Grechina - The Specialisation Tourism Management

"Helsingborg is a great city for students at the seaside. It is cosy, friendly and you can find everything within a walking distance. Sandy beach, famous Sofiero park, old city of Helsingborg with its charming houses, fortress, warm cafes are all at your convenience."

Read more about Anna.

Johan Merlo - The Specialisation Tourism Management

"The research aspect which is central to this programme allows you to go deeper into the topics and lets you understand destination and tourism in a critical way, not just to accept whatever model is out there."

Read more about Johan.



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