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Kenan Madi


What did you do before you started at our Master’s programme in Service Management?

I was working as an Emergency officer with UNICEF in South Sudan and before that i was an Emergency officer with UNICEF Homs office in Syria.


Why did you choose the specialisation Logistics (now called Supply Chain)?

I choose logistics because as a Humanitarian worker I know that logistics is one of the biggest challenges for a humanitarian operation around the world and we have to find new logistical approaches to reach the people in need and save their lives.


What was the best thing about the programme?

It is a very rich programme, which mainly teaches you how to create solutions out of the box and think about management from a different perspective. It also teaches you the art of critique which is very important for both management and life at large.      


How do you use the knowledge you gained during your studies, in your working life?

As a matter of fact the programme have added a lot to my previous knowledge, most importantly of how to think out of the box and find new ways to deliver services to people as well as what the best management style is to use with your team to deliver these services. 


What did you write about for your master’s thesis?

i wrote about: Physical Surroundings and Their Effects on Employee Turnover in Humanitarian Assistance Service 



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Picture of the cranes used to lift supplies.

Picture from BBC

After his studies at Service Management, Kenan helped Syrian refugees at the Jordanian- Syrian border as an Emergency specialist for UNICEF.

Read more about his experience.


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