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Kasi Khan

Studies the Master's Programme with the specialisation Supply Chain Management

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am from Quetta, Pakistan and currently living in Sweden.

What did you study before this Master programme in Service Management?

I completed my BA (Hon’s) Business and Management from University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom.

How is it to study in Sweden?

Studying in Sweden is an amazing experience, Lund University is prestigious and very much culturally diverse, the social environment is very open and at the same time very professional.

On an average day, what do you do at the programme?

I take my early morning classes and usually an afternoon lunch at the cafeteria with my fellow students and then we start working on our home work in the Library or at study rooms.

What is the best thing about the programme?

Field trips within Sweden and other European countries are amazing. These trips are eye openers for students like us in order to look at the service sector from an international perspective is something I have never experienced.

Why did you choose the specialisation Supply Chain (formerly known as Logistics)?

I choose service management Supply Chain, because these days logistics is not only about moving goods but information too. Also service logistics are creating innovative ways of supply chain with sustainability which is new trending around the globe.

What do you want to work with when you have finished your education?

Since i like Sweden a lot, I would definitely like to work at IKEA Logistics department.

How is Helsingborg as a student city?

Helsingborg is one of the best cities in southern Sweden. The city offer close by accomodation for many international students, the train station, City Center is just 5 mins walk from Campus Helsingborg. I love it!

Do you have a tip for new students?

If you would like to experience an outstanding study environment, come to Lund University at Campus Helsingborg.



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Kasi Khan

Kasi Khan

"Studying in Sweden is an amazing experience, Lund University is prestigious and very much culturally diverse, the social environment is very open and at the same time very professional."


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