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Victor Kwame Elikplim Agbebo

Studies for a Master in service management, specialisation retail

How did you find out about Lund University?

I found out about Lund University through an alumnus. This compelled me to surf the school’s website where I chanced on various intriguing programmes including Service Management, Retail which I currently pursue.

What is the best thing about the programme in service management?

This programme ignites a sense of critical thinking and curiosity in students (including myself) through platforms such as seminars and group presentations that has impacted positively on my thinking prowess.

Why did you choose the specialisation Retail?

I opted for Service Management, Retail because of the numerous career opportunities it presents due to the proliferation of virtual and walk in shops across the globe.

What do you think of the teaching style?

The teaching style in the Service Management Department is impeccable. This is largely due to the aptitude of the lecturers who design and organise classes based on their research insights and real-world experience.

What is it like to live and study in Sweden?

Living in Sweden has been interesting, and I am relishing every bit of it. The country is inundated with peace and filled with hospitable people who are willing to offer assistance in every shape or form both in school and out of school. Also, for a student who commutes from Lund to Helsingborg each day, I just can’t help but have an admiration for how efficient the Swedish transportation system works. I’m able to catch the train or bus in time on my way to school and back without any difficulty except for rare cases of train delays.

What have you learned from living in Sweden (so far)?

Even though it is cold in Sweden, I have learnt to dress to suit the chilly weather for my own comfort. As the adage goes ‘‘There is no such thing as a bad weather in Sweden, only bad clothing’’.

What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I prefer to take a ride on my bicycle to explore Lund and its environs. Alternatively, I mostly sign up for symposiums in order to enhance my level of knowledge.

Do you have any advice for other students considering to study at Lund University?

For prospective students out there, who would want to challenge themselves and move out of their comfort zone, Lund University is the school to consider. This is because the study environment here at Lund, encourages deep learning where students are challenged to think critically by presenting evidence to question ideas and theories, rather than accept them as sufficient proof. As students we are also entreated to have empathy and accommodate each other’s points of view due to the diversity in cultural and educational backgrounds. 

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Victor Kwame Elikplim Agbebo

master student

Age: 29 years

Home country: Ghana

Previous degree: BSc Administration in Marketing, from Central University College, Ghana

The Department of Service Management and Service Studies
Lund University | Campus Helsingborg
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 +46 42-35 66 20
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