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Exchange studies

for outgoing exchange students
As a student on the Master’s programme in Service Management you have the opportunity to apply for one semester of exchange studies. Exchange studies can provide you with valuable perspectives. Studying a semester abroad will give you an advantage on the labour market and you will become acquainted with the culture, language and people in another country. Living abroad can help you grow as an individual.

Study abroad and enjoy the beach while studying.


The advantage of studying at one of our international partner universities is the established contacts we have with them, which means that you will not have to pay any tuition fees and you will be insured through Lund University. If you are studying at a European university you can also apply for an Erasmus scholarship.

Applying for exchange studies is quite complicated and requires a lot of work. It is up to you to find courses and accommodation, apply for a visa, obtain insurance, get vaccinated etc. Keep in mind that the courses during your exchange studies must correspond to the courses on your programme.

There are three application periods for exchange studies autumn 2018:

  • 1 November - 25 November for exchange agreeements for Lund University
  • 15 October - 1 November for exchange studies at University of California
  • 1 February - 25 February 2018 for new exchange agreements and seats that are left from the autumn round


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