Erasmus traineeship

Do you want to gain more work experience and at the same time receive a grant? As a student at Lund University, you have the opportunity to apply for an Erasmus traineeship grant regardless of whether the programme includes a trainee period or not.

You will need to find a suitable placement at a company, organisation or research and education centre in one of the 32 Erasmus countries. The traineeship should be within your area of study and last for at least two months, full time.

The Erasmus traineeship can be done during the summer holiday or after you have completed your studies, but you must be a student on the Master’s programme when applying for the grant. The internship must be completed within 12 months after graduation.

Applications for grants are processed on a first come first served basis. The sooner you submit your application, the more likely you are to receive a grant. For traineeships during the summer of 2019, you need to submit your application no later than by the end of April the same year for it to be processed on time.

The grant is intended to cover some of the expenses arising in connection with the internship, such as for travel and accommodation. Depending on the country of the internship, the grant holder will receive approximately EUR 465–525 a month. If the host organisation does not provide you with insurance, you will need to obtain that on your own.