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Student unions and student associations

Student influence is a question of both democracy and quality of education
Student influence is not only a right. When students get to decide about their education and study environment, it makes the university better.

The Social Sciences Students’ Union at Lund University

The Lund University Social Sciences Students’ Union’s task is to work with quality assurance and monitoring of education at the Faculty of Social Sciences. It is not mandatory to be a member of a union but it gives you a chance to influence your education.

AGORA – The Social Sciences Students’ Union at Campus Helsingborg

Agora is a freestanding section of of the Social Sciences Students’ Union representing students on the programmes at the Department of Service Management and Service Studies and the Department of Strategic Communication. Its purpose is to serve as a complement to the education by providing introduction activites, guest lectures and carrers fairs. But they also work with improving the quality of your education. You become a member of Agora when you join Studentlund.

Stampus student association

All students in Helsingborg have the opportunity to join Stampus – a vibrant students’ association which organises a great number of activities and events, such as pub nights, festivals, dinners and ski trips. Stampus also runs various sports teams and the student radio Stampus FM. Stampus serves a function similar to that of the nations in Lund, but is not an official part of Studentlund; joining Stampus therefore requires separate membership.


Studentlund is a collaboration of the student nations, students’ unions and the Academic Society (AF) at Lund University. Membership in Studentlund gives you access to everything that makes Lund such a fantastic study environment – everything from cheap accommodation to good food, fun nightclubs, interesting talks, exciting media, guaranteed monitoring of education, entertaining theatre, considerable student influence within the University, municipality and region, and lots of grants and student discounts. The vast majority of activities offered by student organisations will only be available to Studentlund members, or will be available to members at greatly reduced prices.


LUS is an umbrella organisation for all the student unions at Lund University.

Lund University student unions - LUS (In Swedish)


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