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The Start of the Semester

Welcome to a new semester, and welcome to the Department of Service Management and Service Studies. The following information should assist you in getting started with your studies this autumn.

Master's students – 1st year

Introduction and registration

21 August at 10:00-12:00
Room E413

Photo shoot for access card

21 August at 11:00-12:30
Room C166

Bring passport or identity card.

First lectures

3 September at 9:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00
Room E218
Lecturers: Richard Ek and Elin Bommenel

SMMS10 Service Management: Theory of science and research field, 15 credits, examiner Richard Ek.

(Applies to all three specialisations within the programme)

Don't miss out on the arrival and introduction/orientation pages with important information on your first weeks at Lund University.


Master's students – 2nd year

Introduction and first lecture

3 September, at 11:00-13:00 and 14:00-16:00
Room E218
Lecturers: Filippa Säwe and Johan Hultman

SMMR31 Sustainability in Service Organisations,15 credits
, examiner Hervé Corvellec.

(Applies to all three specialisations within the programme)



Digital Service Management, SMAA35

The course starts first week of September
More information

Service Studies Perspectives on Sustainability Issues, SMMR31

The course starts 3 September at 11:00 in E218 (see Master's students – 2nd year, above)

Theory – Development and Traditions, SMMS10

The course starts 3 September at 8:00 in E230

Leadership in Service Organisations, KSMC52 (only open to exchange students)

The course starts 5 November at 13:00 in U202
More information

Managing Service Organisations, SMMR11

The course starts in November

Value Creation and Innovation in Tourism, SMMR32

The course starts 5 November at 10:00 in E412

Transport Systems: Inter-Modality and Traceability, SMMR34

The course starts 5 November at 13:00 in E412


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Master Coordinator

Britta Persson

Britta Persson
Master Coordinator

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Phone: +46 42 35 65 97

International Coordinator

Annika Permevik

Annika Permevik
International Coordinator for exchange studies

Email: annika [dot] permevik [at] ism [dot] lu [dot] se
Phone: +46 42-35 65 77


Summer opening hours

Students in summertime

The summer opening hours of the university services.

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