Meet our alumni

Every year several international students graduate from our master’s programme. Here you can find out what a few of them think about their studies at the Department of Service Management and Service Studies.

Enni V

Enni Viuhkonen, Specialisation Tourism

Enni Viuhkonen from Finland, alumna of the programme, now working as Regional Program Manager for Google.

I do, and always will, cherish the two years I spent in Sweden! I met inspiring professors and special individuals that became dear friends, and read loads of interesting books and articles that changed my mindset – not only about work, but about life in general.

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Andrei Tarus

Andrei Tarus, Specialisation Logistics (Supply Chain)

Andrei Tarus from Moldova, alumnus of the programme, now working as a Master Planner for Lantmännen Cerealia.

I literally had an amazing experience here that gave me new inspiration in understanding the world of logistics better. During this time I had a steep learning curve where I could challenge my thinking with talented colleagues and inspiring professors. Each professor had an extensive experience in the field and gladly shared it with curious students.

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