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21st QMOD conference

on Quality and Service Sciences ICQSS 2018, 22-24 August

22-24 August 2018, Cardiff University, Wales, UK


  The Quality Movement, Where are we going now ? - Past Present and Future

The theme of the QMOD 2018 conference invites participants to reflect on the evolution of total quality management (TQM) as the most widespread quality management approach during the last 30 years. Even though quality management approaches have been recognised and utilised by industry since the 1930s, the ‘arrival of TQM’ in the last part of the 1980s opened a new era in the quality movement.

However, during the first 17 years of the new millennium, the term TQM seems to have lost its attractiveness in the industrialised parts of the world, and instead new terms such as Business Excellence, Organisational Excellence, Operational Excellence, Six Sigma, and Lean seem on the surface to have overtaken the leading position even though the contents of these new terms can and should be understood within the framework of TQM. Many practitioners perceive that these new terminologies are new management approaches which have replaced TQM and hence have little to do with quality approaches. Parallel with these tendencies, we can observe that the interest for TQM is growing in eastern European, some Asian countries (for example China) as well as in many new developing countries. There are, in those countries, numerous dynamic activities for learning, dissemination, promoting and implementing TQM.

Also there is right now a growing interest to analyse and discuss the suitability of existing TQM frameworks in the 4th industrial revolution which will affect business environments – internal as well as external environments – including our living environments.

In continuation of the 2017 QMOD Conference’s main theme ‘Challenges and Opportunities of Quality in the 4th Industrial Revolution’ the organisers of the QMOD 2018 conference feel it is the right time to reflect on the quality movement and the existing TQM frameworks including the concepts of Business Excellence, Operations Excellence, Lean, and Six Sigma, in order to get a deeper understanding of the quality movement and hence improving our possibilities to diagnose and discuss the future direction of the movement. We look forward to your participation and contribution to the 21st QMOD Conference.


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