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Management, Organisation & Work

What does sustainable leadership mean? What creates value in an organisation? And how do organisations and companies make the most of their resources? Not only financially, but also from a human perspective that aims at the future.

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Within this research theme, we address issues that are key to the understanding of work, governance and management in business, the public sector and in non-profit organisations. Highlighting challenges and showing concrete solutions are important parts of the department’s work. Here, research focuses on everything from workplace health, service work, social service work and professional development within education to leadership culture and organisational development in both the public and private sectors.

A common question for many of the projects is how best to use the organisations’ resources. What happens in a workplace when trust-based governance is replaced by control and targeting of objectives? How are the employees affected by organisational reforms? And how can managers in the service sector become equipped to lead the work in a sustainable way? The interdisciplinary research in this thematic field is broad and complex, and includes business administration, sociology and ethnology, among other areas. The main purpose of the research is to develop and deepen the understanding of work and organisations from a service perspective.