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Sustainability, Resources & Services

The service sector plays a key role in sustainability work. Limited natural resources, ecosystems in imbalance and climate change place great demands on industry, organisations and individuals to think outside the box.

Collage of vegetables, bike, wind power, bee, sunflower, ship and a seagull

Behind all services, both private and public, are hidden flows of energy and natural resources. The research in this theme wants to dig deep and explore how organisations and businesses use these resources – and thereby contribute with solutions to practical societal concerns. The issues within this research theme are complex and span a variety of areas, such as waste management, fisheries management, food, green spaces in urban environments, ecosystem services, city planning and public transport.

Based on research in business administration, environmental strategy, cultural geography, sociology and ethnology, research at the Department of Service Management and Service Studies highlights both challenges and opportunities. By identifying conflicting objectives – economic, social and environmental – the research provides the knowledge needed to develop society in a more sustainable direction. Here, digitalisation plays a particularly important role by facilitating circular business models and new forms of sharing services.