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Handel Helsingborg

Handel Helsingborg (Retail Helsingborg) is a research project and its main purpose is to improve our understanding of consumers’ experiences and practices within retail contexts. The project is centered on Helsingborg and concerned with exploring opportunities and challenges in regional retail trade and urban environments.

Woman shopping in Helsingborg


The project is multidisciplinary and combines insights from economic, geographical and cultural sciences. Examples of questions that are of concern are:

  • What different store formats do consumers visit? How do consumers describe their experiences and practices in different retail contexts?
  • How do consumers’ social and cultural worlds contribute in defining their experiences and practices?
  • How do consumers relate to aspects such as city environments, distances and transportation?

We use multiple methods, quantitative as well as qualitative in order to improve our understanding of above issues. Examples of methods that we use are in-depth interviewing, consumer diaries, video ethnography and questionnaires.

The research project is mainly funded by Helsingborgs handelsförening and City of Helsingborg.



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