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The research group Tourism approach tourism research from different perspectives, empirical and theoretical fields and is, thus, multi-disciplinary. The group focus on (1) Place and destination development and (2) Experience production.

Summer time in Helsingborg


Place- and destination development has become a widely used strategy in local economic development in order to attract companies, residents and tourists to the place. The research can be divided in two sub-groups:

  1. one on communication, that mostly is about marketing, branding and other strategic communication, and
  2. one on development, that is about how different actors in various ways make the place more attractive. 

The research in the group is focused on urban issues, sustainable development, diversity, organising (for example in networks), the role of media, and the relationship to cultural heritage.

The other research field is on experience production. The research projects in the group focus on single tourism businesses, such as festivals, shopping and marine experiences. The research is on for example lifestyle entrepreneurship, the situation of the employees in experience producing businesses, the service encounter, and how co-creation of value is taking place.

The goal with our research is to contribute to and enrich the academic debate in the field and at the same time contribute to knowledge that can be used by interest groups in the tourism industry.



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