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Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Logistics and Supply Chain Management constitute a research topic that includes planning, organizing and controlling activities in material flow - from raw material procurement to final consumption and related return flows.

Photo by maique madeira on Unsplash
Photo by maique madeira on Unsplash
The research related to this topic is based on an overall perspective and a cross-functional management perspective focusing on areas important for efficient flows such as packaging logistics, return management, sustainable distribution, transport regulation (eg cabotage), skills and transparency in supply chains. The research deals with both macro and micro logistics, which means that both external and internal flows linked to value processing are treated. The focus areas are closely linked to Helsingborg's future initiatives in city logistics, circular economics, infrastructure and digital commerce.


The research in Logistics and Supply Chain Managment is interdisciplinary with theory formation and methodology based on a system theory approach. The topic results in new and advanced knowledge and understanding in terms of models, frameworks, rules of thumb and guidelines for business, public sector and future research. The goal is to provide decision makers with scientifically founded information that improves their business based on their customers and other stakeholders' needs and wishes, such as through better service and less environmental impact. Furthermore, the research takes into account different demographic changes as well as an increased use of digital tools and an increased development and usage of sharing economy.

The research is conducted in collaboration with leading international research organizations in logistics and supply chain management and in close cooperation with industry and the public sector regionally, nationally and internationally.


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Annika Olsson (Tekn. Dr., professor)

Daniel Hellström (Tekn. Dr., docent)

Henrik Sternberg (Tekn. Dr., docent)

Eva Åström (Ek. Dr., lektor)

Mats Johnsson (Tekn. Dr., lektor)

Mikael Bergmasth (Ek. Dr., lektor)

Klas Hjort (Tekn. Dr., bitr. lektor)

Pernilla Derwik (Tekn. Lic., doktorand)

Yulia Vakulenko (Ek. Mag., doktorand)

Camilla Nyquist Magnusson (, doktorand)

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