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Sustainability and Services

The research topic Sustainability and Services include research on service work, service organizations and the conditions of service in relation to sustainability economics, social and environmental dimensions. The research is multidisciplinary, based on business administration, cultural geography, sociology, ethnology, environmental, strategic and service science methodology and theory formation.

Garbage management in Helsingborg


The research on sustainability and services strives to integrate the different dimensions of sustainability, an ambition that contrasts with much other sustainability research that is bound to traditional academic disciplines. Based on this ambition, the social phenomena and empirical fields such as consumption, production and distribution are problematized. Leadership, sustainable business models and environmental governance; natural resource use and waste; as well as urban and rural development and mobility.

The research topic is in line with leading international sustainability research, both normative and critical, as well as practical and theoretical.


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associated researchers

Hervé Corvellec (PhD, Professor) – Convener and contact person

Torleif Bramryd (TechD, Senior Professor)

Malin Andersson (doctoral student)

Mikael Bergmasth (DBA, Senior Lecturer)

Su Mi Dahlgaard-Park (PhD, Professor)

Richard Ek (PhD, Associate Professor)

Christian Fuentes (PhD, Associate Professor)

Johan Hultman (PhD, Professor)

Jan Henrik Nilsson (PhD, Associate Professor)

Filippa Säwe (PhD, Associate Professor)

Ida Wingren (doctoral student)

The Department of Service Management and Service Studies
Lund University | Campus Helsingborg
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 +46 42-35 66 20
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