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Beyond Disciplinary Service Studies

Interdisciplinary Research on Quality, Service, Value Creation and Sustainability
The research group seeks to explore various aspects of quality, value and services as closely interrelated research fields in the context of ongoing transformation processes of organizations and societies.

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The group thus is interested in conducting research in the following directions:

  1. To explore and discuss ontological and epistemological common grounds between Quality, Value and Service researches. In this direction also Excellence, Ethics and Sustainability will be explored as closely interrelated research fields.
  2. To explore patterns, behaviors, processes, mechanisms, consequences related to quality and services in a broad range of organizational and social/ global processes. Value and Quality Creation in the private and public sector are identified and analyzed in order to understand how quality and service management principles, tools and methods may be used for enhancing the value creation process and the design of innovative service quality. Researches on building a quality and service culture by utilizing various quality and service management approaches, such as lean and kaizen is also related to activities for increasing knowledge of value creation processes.
  3. A last research direction is to explore and contribute to the development of the research fields of quality of working life, quality of organizations, and quality of life. What are their interrelations and how these areas relate with the two other research directions?







Su Mi Dahlgaard-Park

Su Mi Dahlgaard-Park 
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Malin Andersson 
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Elin Bommelind 
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Richard Ek 
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Henrik Lodin 
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Lars Nordgren 
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Alma Raissova 
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Ulrika Westrup 
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